Machine Learning

Machine Learning Suite

InAccel's Accelerated Machine Learning Suite (AML) is a fully integrated framework that includes both the Software APIs/libraries and the FPGA files for accelerating your machine learning applications.

The accelerators can achieve up to 10x speedup compared to multi-threaded high performance processors.
InAccel provides all the required APIs in Python, Scala and Java for the seamless integration of the accelerators in your applications.

Machine Learning

Logistic regression

Up to 2048 features Up to 64 classes 3x Speeup (vs. r5)

K-Means Clustering

Up to 1024 features Up to 32 classes 2.8x Speeup (vs. r5)

Recommendation engines

(available soon)

Try for free

Try now for free the Accelerated Machine Learning Library on Amazon AWS.

Single Node version

Single-node Machine learning accelerators for Amazon f1 FPGA instances providing APIs for C/C++, Java, Python and Scala for easy integration

Distributed version for Apache Spark MLlib

Machine learning accelerators for Apache Spark MLlib providing all the required APIs and libraries for the seamless integration in scalable distributed systems